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Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Be kind to yourself.

Saying no sometimes is not just needed but necessary.

'Yes' is not always a welcomed word.

Do you remember when young and being taught "just say no"?

It funnily comes to mind now, while I type my fleeting thoughts.

Years later, that slogan is reshaped. Holding another, more personal meaning to me.

I need to remember that my presence in this world is important and valuable.

I can't forget this.

I came into this world for a reason.

It is not to constantly please others. It is not to continuously put myself second. It is not for 'me' to forget about 'me'.

I'm here to leave my own mark. Whether through traces of work, blood, art....

Live this world with my own happiness.

At the end of my journey, I will not regret all I have done but all the missed opportunities.

All the 'yes' that should have been 'no'.

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