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I know those days...

Those days when I need to be alone.

When all communication seems to take so much of my energy and I want to put everything on pause.

Those days when (unless an emergency) I want to take off all my masks and just slip in a bath of sleep and fantasies.

When I want to be responsible for nothing. When I want to soothe myself by escaping. However brief it may be. Just enough to breathe. To catch my breath. To recharge.

Days when phone calls all have other meanings. When conversations only leave me drained. When music only sounds melancholy. When food tastes bland. When the sky is coated with different shades of greys. When the cold bites and the sun hides.

Those days...

Not the best days. Not the worst either.

Just those days.

I try and see them for what they are. A blip. My inner self telling me to just love myself harder. Take my time.

Those days are needed as much as any other.

Today is grey but I wonder what colour tomorrow will bring.

Photo by Hadinet Tekie

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