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Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Watching a tv show this sentence appeared.

"He loves to be in love"

I thought about that sentence.

So beautiful. Musical even.

Was that a curse or a gift?

To be constantly in love. To only see through magical coloured glasses. Never succumb to the shadowy edge of it. Always being exposed to the bright and warm rays of pure emotion. Is that love or obsession?

..or.... love.... be realistic of the different layers of love. The seesaw of emotions that can rollercoaster you through highs and lows?

Then there are others...

...those that don't think they believe in love at all. That think of it as nothing more than an illusion wrapped up in pretty colours and its content nothing more than temporary carnal pleasure and an anomaly brought about by a chemical imbalance within you.

Me? I can't be too scientific. I truly can't.

I have tried and it does not come naturally.

Love to me is essential.

It does not have a certain form. It does not appear just in a romantic way. Probably why I have such a misunderstanding with it.

Some things are set in stone when related to this beautiful emotion.

I have only ever been tested on this once, but have discovered a lot through it.

Love IS unconditional.

Love IS abstract.

Love is NOT the absence of friction.

Love IS free to roam in whichever direction it requires to flourish.

It survives if true to itself.

It lingers if real.

It hopes if there is no hope.

It lives beyond death.

Photo by Hadinet Tekie

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