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Arise Sunday Morning

Arise Sunday morning as sunlight's appearing,

And shines on the meadow through silhouette trees,

The skies are aglow with a palette of colour,

As whispers of cloud ride the cool gentle breeze.

Sing for me songbirds your tunes are like silver,

And welcome the new day with sweetness and love,

Open my window and breathe in the beauty,

And carry me forth to the heavens above.

Look out on the country as shadows are fading,

The hills in the distance and fields waving gold,

True to my heart always yielding such pleasure,

And capture the moment with sights to behold.

As butterflies sail through the gardens of flowers,

A picture of summer with infinite grace,

Flowing before me in streams so refreshing,

So kind to my fingers and cool to my face.

Arise Sunday morning the church bells are ringing,

And calling to worship they peal through the land,

I follow their way and rejoice in their sounding,

For I have been blessed now by God's loving hand.

The swifts and the swallows are soaring up skywards,

And into the blue of the vast atmosphere,

Celestial joy as the day is unfolding,

With wonders to speak of this morning so clear.

- Andrew Blakemore

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