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Before I Fall Asleep...Again

You know those days...

Days when you wake up before the birds?

When you're wide awake for no reason.

I love the calmness of it all in those days.

As if I'm peeking into the new day before anyone else. It feels like I'm discovering something by just listening to the sounds of the world around me slowly waking up.

Everything is a little softer, as if the sharp edges of the day to come have not yet reached here.

I snuggle deeper in my covers with the safe knowledge that I am where I should be. In bed. Guilt free and sleep warm.

I contemplate getting up, but that's never a serious contemplation.

Instead I roll myself tighter in my warm cocoon. A silent rebellion against the change in temperature outside of my duvet.

I leave just enough opening for me to blindly pat the bed until I feel the familiar shape of my mobile.

I tap it on and the familiar artificial glow slaps my eyes with light. Immediately I close them and slowly peek with one.

I must look pretty weird.

Rolled in a duvet like a sausage roll, with one eye open and possibly a weird light coming out from the opening I leave to let in fresh air.

As time slowly passes and deeper shades start to become lighter and softer, I begin to get sleepy.

As the purples and blues start to leak their colour, my eyes get heavier and slowly close, while others open.

Birds start singing their good mornings as I snooze into my good nights.

Photo by Hadinet Tekie

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