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Birthday Month

A birthday month.

Not sure if I made it up or has always been floating around bringing joy silently.

I've decided it will be my new tradition as of this year.

Don't get me wrong, give me a chance to explain!

December is my lovely month. Filled with already so many celebrations. I've always felt like my birthday was on automatic. A day to celebrate, although at times I did more on Christmas or New Year.

I've never been one to stick to the programme. I'd rather follow my instinct and go with my natural flow.

That's when slowly my mind flowed towards month rather than day.

Who said you should just celebrate that ONE day you were born?

Subconsciously, it's almost like you're saying to yourself be good to yourself (1 out of 365 days of the year).

We get so wrapped up in life that we tend to forget about ourselves. If we don't show love to ourselves why should others? Why do we just look forward to that 1 day?

So, I've decided. A birthday month! Yes! A whole month dedicated to me!

Let me clarify! Nothing to do with gifts or materialistic/ superficial benefits!

My birthday month means loving myself for those 31 days.

Although I'll be busy with 'life', during this month I will actively do something to say "I love me".

It could be a super luxurious bath, or a yummy specially created meal. If I feel like a 'guilt free lazy day' or a new hairstyle, I'll happily oblige. Whatever I want to do during this month is a personal message to me.

"Congratulation. You've had good and bad times but you've made it through another year. Enjoy this month. Recharge. Relax. This will be the month that you will let go of any negatives and fill up on positives. Love yourself. Love the year that is waiting for you. This time next year you'll have another beautiful month of new experiences waiting for you."

Understand that my aim is to start with a birthday month and eventually move to a birthday year.

Photo by Hadinet Tekie

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