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Depending on how life has treated someone or their interpretation of it, it could mean a negative or positive view of the world.

I wonder if this is due to traumas or whether something deeper that has always hid in the shadows flourishes naturally with time.

I have ups and downs like anyone. Many times I succumb to negativity but I always try to rearrange my thoughts. What makes me want to see the positives or the blessings rather than just stay fixed in my dark cocoon? It would be easier to just let it be. To let those dark thoughts win over me.

I guess I keep picturing those that have it worse.

Through the years I have met people that have struggled with tragedies that are beyond comprehension to me. Things that I can only abstractly imagine as real events. They ground me. They put things into perspective and suddenly I am able to see all that is good in my life.

Perspective can be a fragile thing. If a person gets stuck on the view that they have it worse than anyone else, that's what they'll see.

No matter how many things they will do right, they'll only be able to grasp the things that they didn't succeeded in. All their focus will be directed to the one negative surrounded by the positives. No matter how much you will tell that person what they're missing, unless they're willing to change their perspective they'll always be trapped in their own bleak thoughts.

Many are even more unfortunate by surrounding themselves with like minded individuals. Negativity breeds negativity can only embrace a vicious cycle of darkness.

People can support and advice those stuck in those thoughts but the hard work must ultimately always come from them. It will need patience and perseverance but it can be achieved.

I consciously remind myself the basics that others do on automatic. I actively try and apply those changes. When I fail I try and focus on all the things I did right.

Failure is not a badge of shame. It is a reminder that you are always learning and growing. Flaws make us the beautiful unique individuals that we are.

I'm learning to embrace both my successes and my failures as they all helped shape the person I am today.

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