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Updated: Mar 19, 2021

We overthink, rearrange and dissect the simplest of things.

We doubt and in many occasions ignore our own opinion choosing someone else's.

That action will still give the same odds. We will still be impacted by it.

"It's long as I wasn't wrong. It's long as I don't decide. As long as I don't make a choice."

Things will never stand still. Indecision will still cause a reaction. Choosing someone else's choice will still result in a decision.

Nobody knows me like I know myself.

I need to trust in me.

I know the answer.

I'm just used to choosing the harder path. Like a bad habit.

Now I choose to listen to my inner self.

Ignore the background noise. I can be wrong but I can also be right.

Either way, I'll be in control of my own destiny.

Photo by Hadinet Tekie

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