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Fantasy Wrapped Reality

I remember those boring journeys while I took the bus, train or whatever means to get me to my destinations.

Since young I play a game when time goes by too slowly in this enclosed spaces filled with strangers.

Recently I discovered that my game is an actual fictional writing exercise task that I was instructed to complete during my online course.

Have you ever built whole stories around strangers passing you by?

Have you ever used public transport and dazed off in an alternate world in which you've been given the gift of sight?

All of a sudden you know their names, loves and dreams. You know why they're there, seating opposite you.

A perfect example would be Gloria.

She has always hated her name. Thinks of it as old fashioned but in recent times she has learned to love it. Especially when her new boyfriend Tom softly calls for her with a beautiful smile on his face.

See, she's smiling while looking at her mobile. She's scrolling through the last few messages exchanged between them. Excited to be meeting him as soon as she steps out of the station.

There's Rodney.

He's slumped, exhausted and leaning against the glass partition. He had no choice but to work overtime. They were understaffed and he needed the money. There's never enough money and way too many bills. Eyes closed, he drifts off but once again is jostled awake by the sudden jerks of the moving metal carriage. Sandra will be home. He's sure she'll start nagging for being late. He's wondering whether he should go for a quick drink at his local. He might as well give her a reason to nag.

Every person that passes is a potential story. Filled with emotions, wants and experiences.

I only step back into my reality when I reach my destination.

Almost like waking up from a dream.

I refocus and notice that there are others around.

Not just Gloria and Rodney.

I get up and walk back into reality.

Photo by Hadinet Tekie

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