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Floating Thoughts

This week has been difficult. I have found it hard to refocus and went back to my habitual 'escape' strategies.

This is something I've encountered before but it's been a while. It stealthily crept up on me. This feeling. This sluggish energy draped itself around me and rocked me to sleep. I felt so safe in this old 'limbo state of being', I didn't comprehend how effortlessly and fast I was referring back to my old bad habits.

I generally write my posts in advance and send them out at a similar time. I almost enabled my present mood to take my steps back. Excuses were made. Time wasted.

I felt I should write something worth writing or nothing at all. Then it hit me.

Sometimes you just need to write. Sometimes the routine itself redeems you.

It is a journey, not a race. I'll have good and bad days... or weeks. It is crucial to be kind and not crush myself due to days like these.

This in itself is more than I planned to write this morning. In the end, it is called 'floating thoughts' for that. To put my words together and grow through trial and error.

As long as I push forward I have not missed my deadline.

It is now 10:35 pm here in the UK. It is still Tuesday. I had a wonderful day outdoors. I am healthy. I wrote my post and published it.

Time 'blip' is not significant.

It is valuable to fulfil the task set. Big or small. Once done, I can unwind remembering that just this morning, I intended to excuse myself like old times. Tonight I actively changed my thoughts and habits.

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2 Kommentare

Amina Bawamia
Amina Bawamia
29. Apr. 2021

There is no time schedule as long you write what you are feeling it all comes back to you in wanting to. I love this blog which says exactly how you are feeling 😍

Gefällt mir
Dekove Poetry
Dekove Poetry
29. Apr. 2021
Antwort an

I was writing on empty. Happy I was writing anything though. Sometimes that's all I need. To put words together and find a home for them. 😊✍🏾

Gefällt mir
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