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Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Recently I've been particularly focused.

I have this overwhelming need to act and all these ideas on how to do it are coming at me from all directions. One branches out into another and that in turn brings me another possibility.

I haven't felt this proactive in a creative way for years. It's intoxicating. I feel like I've finally been given a drink of water after wandering aimlessly in a desert. I am connected by not only ideas but a real need to execute them. It feels urgent, as if any delays may make me take a step back or doubts would surface.

Every day brings new fire and new ways to improve. I keep thinking how I can change an existing idea and then how to realistically do it. I give myself deadlines in all my work. I focus on daily tasks and specifically on the ones I was unable to complete for whatever reason.

Delays will happen but I try my best to minimize them if possible and concentrate on other things until that specific action can move forward.

I'm not full of drive every day. I must clarify this. There are days I just want to switch off and watch reruns of Criminal Minds rolled up in a blanket. That's ok. As long as I have a deadline and aim to achieve it I don't feel bad about taking time off.

I have short and long term goals. I think of ways to push myself into accomplishing them daily. I find involving others can be a great motivator. An example of this are my blog posts. I publish my floating thoughts (like this one) twice a week. Sometimes my mind draws a blank. I don't let that stop me, instead my post deadline helps me refocus and I stay put until I finish my task. I feel proud when I see the published post there on time. I am the only witness on how long it takes me sometimes to get to the other end. I like that too.

A friend told me she recently started her own blog which will focus on her past travels and foods. I have always known that she has a lot to share and am so excited to hear this is happening!

I remember when I started a few months ago, how nervous I was. I worried about the feedback I would get and how my posts would be perceived. I felt like I was leaving myself open to attack. I saw it as a scary and unknown area in which I would lose control as soon as the post would be unleashed to the public. My beloved words became scary. I think that is why my first attempt at doing this failed. I created so many excuses and delayed publishing so much that I eventually had nothing there. I put too much pressure on myself and let my fears become a reality without even trying.

This time was different from the first day I started. I gave myself actual deadlines and was strict with them. I went on automatic and after putting the basics in place I quickly made my website 'live'. In a week I obtained a domain name, started my blog and put the basics in my website. No doubts, just actions. I concentrated on small goals first and made myself so busy that I didn't have time to worry about how my words would be taken or accepted.

That's the only advice I give my dear friend. Don't give yourself a chance to doubt yourself before you even take the first step. Nothing is perfect and regardless of the results you'll have no regrets if you try your best. You will definitely have regrets if you don't try at all.

I asked another friend to check my earlier posts and compare to the more recent ones as I felt I needed fresh eyes to give me feedback. She agreed with me that my posts have changed. They are less rigid and reflected my floating thoughts rather than orchestrated ones. I wanted that. I wanted my posts to represent me and not a polished version. Sometimes I have no idea what to write and only know I have a deadline. Those are the times that I write about just that. How I have no words. That too is a reflection of me. Not just the days that I have ideas but also the days I have none.

I think deadlines and goals keep me honest to not just my schedule but also on what I share. I use my blog as a journal and if anyone reading can take something out of it, great!

These posts help me to push forward and better connect with myself. Through my words I sometimes can envision where I should go next. My subconscious can at times speak louder through written form and direct me to my next goal. Many of my ideas were created in this way.

What are your goals? What helps you get there? Do you have a ritual too?

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