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I want love


I've always wanted love.

But a special kind of love.

Not that lovey dovey, kiss kiss, let me talk to you every second of the day - love, no.

Not that puppy love, l-u-v love, hit you up when I need you - love, no.

But the kind of love where you say one word and run through their mind as if the finish line was a galaxy away.

Where you look into their eyes and you see deeper than the Mariana Trench could ever go.

Where every day is a race and your heart is winning.

Yeah, that love.

I never thought that love was that special anyways.

Then, I met you.

And when I met you, my heart skipped a beat like stones on a lake.

You took me on a journey that no map has ever taken me before.

When you gave me love, I overdosed.

Side effects may include...

Drunk on love, high on life.

Shoot, I ate, I breathed, I lived... love.

But then you left.

And my whole being collapsed within me - like pulling the wrong block in a game of Jenga.

But this is no game.

The very Earth beneath my feet crumbled, I fell.

But that was only how hard I fell for you.

My scars can tell you stories that no mouth can.

But hey, I asked for love didn't I?

- Rudy Francisco

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2 komentarze

Amina Bawamia
Amina Bawamia
06 maj 2021

What a beautiful piece of writing, I just fell into that and was memorised.❤

Dekove Poetry
Dekove Poetry
06 maj 2021
Odpowiada osobie:

Isn't there something magical with words? When they hit their target, it's to the core.

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