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Updated: Mar 20, 2021

What do you do when you're surrounded by distractions?

I'm sure not to be alone in this one.

That feeling of frustration slowly building within you no matter how many deep breaths you take. When people around you ignore the fact that you're trying to write or think that noise benefits rather than obstructs.

I try to disconnect but what do you do when they are purposely trying to get your attention even though they see you furiously typing? Each loud angry tap a silent scream of protest against their open disregard to what is important to you.

Today is not a good day but once again I find comfort through words. Whatever mood I'm in I write it all down. I vomit all my frustrations through trusted letters rather than confronting those people in my current furious state. I know my frustrations only make me see things from my point of view, that all is amplified. I talk through writing rather than speech. Once calm, I can revisit this issue and put across my thoughts to those involved.

I choose to keep my trusted words company through writing rather than abandon them completely and give in to the distractions that surround me. I cover the noise by adding my own sounds. Relaxing music helps to refocus, a soft bubble wrap against what tries to get inside.

I don't respond to demands and questions unless I need to. I refuse to be baited. Eventually they become aware of how their actions are impacting me through my silence. Silence speaks volumes at times. Surprisingly the loud interruptions lessen and this in itself can be considered a won battle.

I live in a home where people do not take my writing seriously. Support is at a minimum, and a small battle is still a win. I use that to positively guide me to the end of my task.

Words for me are used as a way to express myself. They're not always pretty or positive when present. There are days when they appear in a jumbled mess. Those are still my words. I cherish them as they also help me to deal with whatever comes my way.

They remind me that I'm not alone if I still have them. I let my words and thoughts float and by extension I do too.

They help me by taking my angst with them. They remove the negativity and leave me feeling lighter than I felt when I first started. They too have their own worth.

They too help me grow and heal.

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1 Comment

Goitom Fessahaye
Goitom Fessahaye
Mar 21, 2021

Hey it's goits! I can really relate with you when you mentioned days when journalling and the words are a 'jumbled mess'. So true that they are still important words. Sometimes look back and acknlowdge the healing process .

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