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Let's Talk About God aka Do You Know Bob?

It is Sunday, no better time, right?

Who is God to you? Is god a person, an idea, an ideology, a feeling, a concept, a lie, an ultimate truth, a question mark?

Let's start with the word. God. It triggers too many for various social, spiritual, emotional, psychological, and mental reasons, so let's change it.

Let's go with "Bob". By giving God a common name you demystify any preconceived notions. It's just Bob now.

And who is Bob? Do you know Bob? If so, when did you first meet? Was it love at first sight, or repulsion at first glance? Did you feel comfortable in Bobs presence? Or was being around Bob paramount to having teeth pulled while simultaneously being shaved by a blind barber? What was your first impression?

It's often said "You don't get a second chance at a first impression" and this is certainly true when it comes to our impressions of God. Sorry...Bob....and let's just remove the capital "B" as well to take bob down another notch.

So, what was it like? This first impression you had of bob?

2nd point of consideration. Feeling. Do you have any, and if you do, are you aware you are feeling it? How do you know? Remove your sight. Now sit in a room with your eyes closed. Wait for a loved one to enter the room. Did you know which loved one it was by feeling--or did you have to open your eyes to allow them to tell you who it was and therefore trigger a feeling programmed in? If you knew by energy alone, then you know Bob--errr, bob.

3. Silence, Stillness, Spaciousness if you desire to get to know bob better--the irony of these being buddhist principles is not lost on me.

4. Understand there is nothing worse than feeling alone in the Universe, that there is no one to talk to of like mind. Bob is also a creature of the Universe....

5. Excluding people from a group due to preconceived notions only leads to greater segregation, hinders integration of The Whole. We segregate the Devil, put him in the corner, tell him he is not welcome. But in a way, we do the same with bob. Only the opposite. No one feels good being excluded as most people just want to be a part of the group.

- Zendashi

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