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My Words

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Like many, I have a complex relationship with words.

Sometimes we are the best of friends. We connect and have regular reunions filled with joyful enlightenment and flowing positive emotions.

Fluidity and creativity are ever present, like two VIP guests sipping blood red wine whilst smiling indulgently to the frolicking shapes.

The buzzing of electricity and warmth from the surge of ideas intoxicate the senses and fill the scene with colour.

At other times, words are cruel.

Feigning ignorance they float by. Lackadaisical in appearance, whilst you are left desolate and empty.

They seek a divorce from you.

Papers never filed, but nonetheless there, in symbolic indifference.

Leaving behind a blend of helplessness and hurt.

They mock in their abstract presence. You see them but you're not invited in.

You are now an outsider.

This rollercoaster of mixed emotions is a feeling I now choose to delve in. Indulge in. Relish in.

They are still all filled with my words.

Whether friends of foes.

They're still mine.

Photo by Hadinet Tekie

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