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I can feel a shift.

Something is different. I am unsure of what it is, but I trust my instinct enough to pay attention.

Nothing is set in stone but a probable next step is opening up.

These days I have been striving to be more than just a 'planner'. I have been trying to be conscious of the opportunities that surround me. Rather than just concentrate on where I want to go, I see all the alternatives and try and picture where each one can take me in the future.

Chances do not need to be easily accessible but if they can be achieved I should include them in my existing list rather than just focus on what I imagine will be the simpler counterparts.

Sometimes I do not know best. My insecurities may be my stumbling blocks. I can be my obstacle. Those are the times that I need to see and hear all that surrounds me. I need to be open and just try my best without limiting myself out of fear of failure.

Rather than think about what best suits me, I should think about what brings me happiness. Instead of thinking about doing what I am used to, I should try and embrace new challenges.

Going out of my comfort zone and embracing the unknown is where I'd like this 'shift' to eventually take me.

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