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Sleep in

I slept in today.

Why do they call it 'sleep in' as if 'I sleep out' at other times?

Does it mean that I am less likely to escape my dream?

That I am so settled in my dream world that reality will have no opportunity to jolt me to her?

Or maybe that for once my wandering body physically stayed 'in' my unused abandoned bed?

I Google...

I know I'm not looking for the secrets of life or death, but I just woke up after 'sleeping in' and the question needs clarification.

This answer from the Language Log does not satisfy me...

"Short answer: "sleep in", in the meaning of "sleep late(r than normal)", seems to have developed as an idiom within the past 100 years, apparently borrowed from Scots."

I prefer it to mean that I slept so deeply that I connected with my inner soul and was able to truly appreciate the wonders and freedom provided in my dream world. I exerted myself so much in my dream state that I needed to sleep for longer than usual to recharge my spirit.

Yes. That makes sense to my 'slept in' mind. I'm now satisfied with my own version of its meaning. I will make this my new 'sleep in' meaning.

By this interpretation I need to 'sleep in' often to best help my inner self.

Who am I to disagree with logic? Well, my logic.

Photo by Hadinet Tekie

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