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If a "sorry" could be wrapped up or bottled would it be a sell out?

I know it sounds strange but I wondered what would change.

Would people be inclined to be more careful or not care?

What if it was mandatory?

For each mistake you would need to pay or barter to obtain a "sorry".

How careful would you be in hurting someone? In lashing out?

Would it make people be kind or artificial?

What before was said out loud would be secretly thought instead.

Would there be an underground resistance (PFFS)? In case you weren't aware the resistance would be called People For Free Sorry's.

These individuals would go out of their way to remove the 'sorry tracker' from their bodies. Living on the edge of society and planning patiently for their revolution.

They would vandalize the 'sorry vending machines'. Cause damage on shops that catered the 'so very sorry' clientele.

This would in turn cause frustration within the state. As it would force it to say "sorry" to the victims. Money would need to be spent to compensate and buy additional apologies to replace the destroyed ones.

A message would be left in each stricken location by the rebels.

"I'm not sorry."

In big. Capital. Bold. Letters.

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