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The Sunday Karma

End of the week, interminable and wonderful

What will we see as we stare into our lakes of reflection?

The week just past?

Or thoughts of the week before us?

Weather deals its weekly hand

Go for a walk

Family picnic


Or Slaves to a Sunday Roast

The freedoms of our random choices

A sunny peaceful, bright, charming, the resting calmness

Serenity fills your space

The choice to animate or inanimate

Or Sunday hectic with frenzied flows

Hear a Church Sermon

The weekly lesson told

Be good to thy neighbour

A message that never grows old

Torpid and sensual

Voluble and Social

The Finest, The Gravest

Long and Copious

When Sunday comes will it reflect our souls’ desires, the living drama

Or is this just The Sunday Karma.

- Sebastian Melmoth

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