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It grips you unawares.

It doesn't matter who you are. How much of a sunny disposition you were born with.

It doesn't matter how naturally a smile looks on your face or how positively you tackle your obstacles.

Toxicity can creep in anyone.

If you're constantly surrounded by negativity, it will eventually seep in. It will begin to fill your pores and weigh you down like a wet sponge. Filling your very being.

It will become an entity you constantly keep at bay. An enemy sleeping right next you. Waiting for an opening.

Negativity will keep jabbing. With time it will learn where to strike. With surprising agility it will focus on timing. It will attack when you're at your weakest.

Like drowning in a cesspool you'll struggle. Making it worse through panic and frustration.

Struggling isn't the best option. Calm at its most chaotic is.

As negativity focuses on timing so should you.

Recharge yourself through recognizing you also need time.

Envelope yourself with reminders of all the good that presently surrounds you. Be aware of the things you took for granted in the past to help you understand that this same feeling will happen in the future if you're not cherishing 'today'.

Calm and reconnection with your core self will hopefully help to guide you back from your lost path.

It will not be easy but nothing that is worth the trouble should come easy. It is a worthwhile trial that will strengthen you once you surpass it.

Negativity is not an incurable disease. You are your own cure. Trust in the weapons that you have always carried. Trust in yourself.

Photo by Hadinet Tekie

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