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Virtual Love

We live in a virtual world where language is distorted.

A 'like' could have many different meanings.

Emoticons are another way to hide yourself. How can you lift a genuine emotion with an animated smiley face?

Let me give you a bite sized made up tale of a girl's virtual love.

Once upon a time there was a girl.

She was living a blissful life taking away on her screen. Tap tap tap.

Her all focus pointed down.

On Monday she was swallowed by love after having exchanged messages for a week and by Wednesday she was 'ghosted'.

It made me think.


Should love be so bland? Built on delicate words and flimsy promises?

I can imagine the girl's disappointed face while she clicked on another online profile and repeated the cycle.

I'm not saying that all stories are like that but it would be unrealistic to say they are a small percentage.

Many are go further. They are busy investing in more than one virtual mate at a time. As if you can have a PLAN B when it comes to love. A safety net.

They send out mass messages with only the name changed. Mass virtual hearts that ensnare unsuspecting victims.

I wondered if those caught are looking for love or just the illusion of it.

I can't help but see a conveyor belt where online dating is concerned. So many hopefuls looking for something. When they find the smallest issue they return the offending item and ask for a refund. Well... maybe not a refund.

They would probably just disappear. Even saying 'goodbye' has become a chore. Once interest is gone so are the manners.

I'm not just complaining. This is an opinion solidified by personal online dating experience. Others may have had fantastic love stories and found their soulmate (rub some of that good vibe on the rest of us).

Again that question.

What is love?

In a world where we mainly interact virtually how can you truly connect? How do you transfer your genuine core emotions through an electronic device?

I just miss the organic, unplanned way we used to communicate with each other. How talking was a way to get to know the person and not for ticking invisible checklists. How interaction was not a speedy online date affair. If you didn't impress in 5mins...NEXT!

It has a disconnected feel now. If I have to describe it it's like virtually reaching and grabbing words rather than actions.

Uninterested in the core of a person. Scratching at the surface without really going deeper. By doing so the emotions can't help but reflect that subconscious action.

Emotions that are transferable.

Transient and easily disperse into nothing.

Can't we bring back retro dating?

Phones rather than text messages? Face to face dates rather than video calls? Letters rather than emails?

Just for love.

A simple action of putting pen to paper. Every word precious. Personally written to show the writer's own quirks and identity through those letters. All done carefully to avoid mistakes. No 'delete' function available. All visible. All personal. All real.

Am I contradicting myself? I'm using a similar medium to try and express myself to you.

Then again love is a contradiction.

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