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Wolf in Sheep

As he stands in front of the lights, a warmth envelopes him. A mixture of actual accumulated heat from the hundreds of beams and flashing cameras, but also from the adulation of the large crowd gathered to witness his success.

Finally he had been acknowledged. A tremendous feeling of pride overwhelmed him. He understood how 'tears of joy' could truly exist.

His eyes watered with each flash and clap. A thunderous pat on his broad back.

"You've achieved the impossible!" it roared. "You've created a miracle!" It kissed.

Subconsciously he nodded in agreement, trying to maintain a semblance of humility. It would not do him any good to readily accept what he believed was his due. He had to at least look surprised by the mass response before him.

To be seen as a symbol of peace was an exhilarating and unattainable goal for many. He could count on his fingers his predecessors. Only a tiny group had ever experienced what he now wrapped himself in. His smile widened with that realization.

Next would be his plans with the neighbouring president. They had been deep in discussions for many months. Before that, they'd individually had made preparations not knowing how perfectly their separate plans fitted together.

How to suppress in a way that they will still be seen in a positive light?

His teeth began to appear. Pearly white and beaming.

Flashing and clapping gathered momentum.

Photo by Hadinet Tekie

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