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Enter the realm of Dekove Poetry

Dekove Poetry is a creative portal where I disconnect from the busy world out there to take a step back and reconnect with my inner self. I want my visitors to unveil the happenings of this creative and curious mind to see the world through my eyes.

Poetry | Blog | Photography

This online space seeks to bridge poetry, creative writing and photography. You will get to absorb different forms of linguistic and visual art, with sincerity and honesty at the heart of all of them.

Dekove Poetry is my safe space where I get to put myself out there without fearing judgement.

I hope this can become your special place like it has become mine. I wish to inspire you to be brave enough to share your truth with the rest of the world. 

"A new world opens when

you see words as more than just

letters joined  together."

(Dekove Poetry)

Image by engin akyurt

" There are no
blank words.
Just blank pages.

(Dekove Poetry)

Photography Collection 

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