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Behind the Floats

Hey! My name is Hadinet Tekie and I'm the creative mind behind Dekove Poetry.

I was raised in an enviroment where I was exposed to several different cultures. People from all spheres of life blessed my existence and I absorbed their unique outlooks on reality to form a multicultural blend that fed my spirit. It took me some time to realize that my poetry, creative writing and artwork radiates pieces of my diverse childhood. I have now found the courage to own it and unleash it as a way to communicate with myself and others around me. Words have helped me learn more about myself and rediscover the inquisitive individual within. I hope that Dekove Poetry is able to help you to express your emotions in the most authentic and cathartic manner. No level of meaningful growth comes without taking a leap of faith. Join me in doing the same!

This journey will not be an easy one. It will mean sitting down for hours and being honest with my own thoughts and drink in every detail I write. I will have short or long spells of self doubts and creativity blocks, but I'll always be back.

I'll end this by urging all to try and remember life prior our daily responsabilities. What were your dreams and aspirations? Have you achieved them? Have they become secrets hidden deep within your heart?


If like me, insecurities stopped you from fully immersing yourself in them, remember that you should be your biggest fan and not your biggest obstacle. It will be your personal journey and as such there is no right or wrong way to experience it.

For any that would like to collaborate, feel free to contact me.


Words are free, let's see what we can create with them.

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