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Dear Fanta...

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Since I wrote a letter to Ms. Sleep, I've found out that this exercise is a great way to unleash and let my thoughts run free. Recently I have added to the collection by writing another to me, myself and I. This letter was long overdue but welcomed by the recipient.

In this spirit, I have now decided to write to you. My other love. This is to let you know how important you are in my life. It is also my way to reconnect with you, even if it is through words on a screen.

I still remember our last outing. You were a new addition to the family and I was happy and excited to meet you.

I planned many adventures for us in near and distant lands. Prepared all that we may need and looked forward to the new stories we would share.

That specific outing unfortunately was short-lived, as I managed to get sick. In hindsight being out in freezing and wet weather with minimum shelter all day could do that to a person.

I spent the majority of our first bonding trip with a beautiful fever and exciting chills.

I know neither were welcomed but I'm trying to leave a nicer image in my head of that experience through the power of words. Don't argue.

Your glossy and vibrant self should have rested indoors for only a short while. You were not made to stay at home, rooted and gathering dust. You were made for hopes and dreams. You were made to accompany me through good and bad times, rough and smooth roads.

Who would have predicted that we would only have that one chance before everything changed.

My attempts to recreate our time together were continuously shot down through templated email cancellations. Disappointment turned to frustration and now to resignation.

I'm hoping that this time of calm will be a way for us to learn to appreciate each other more. This could be a way for me to prepare and make sure that our next adventure will be something to remember. Because we never know when the next chance will be or what could happen next.

I miss you my dear Fanta. I miss you terribly.

What puts a smile on my face is the knowledge that while you and I are still here so are the future opportunities.

Until then I send you love and travel vibes your way!

Yours truly,


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