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Dream within a Dream

Woke up jumbled.

Warm but confused.

It felt like the chaos in my dream had found a portal and transported my lost self in this bed.

Fear of not knowing where I was felt so real that it stayed with me long after I woke up.

Who was that guy that kissed me goodbye?

I nearly called my friend that I got separated from in my dream. Just to see if she was ok.

It's now 5:30am and I wish the photos that I took on my mobile actually existed. I'm still wondering why my LG was replaced by a blackberry. Should I tell my dream lecturer that I'm ok and got separated during the field trip? What's his name? His face is a blur.

My friend bought some street food but she mentioned lockdown. I think my times are as jumbled as my sleepy mind.

I tap furiously the residue of my wonder world that's still fleetingly here, before it escapes into nothingness.

I still haven't bought that guy the espresso as thanks for that favour.

Who was that guy?

Why were they selling paella with Mauritius food on the streets? Why were rocks being thrown as protest?

How did I get transported from my original location to across the city and finally out of my dream?

It felt so real. Freddy real. I could smell the streets and hear the sounds after my eyes opened. What confused me was the silence and dark that greeted me instead.

I stopped myself from calling her number and instead here I am. Desperately putting all the weirdness down in my lit screen. Like a glowing dream journal.

Whos house did we visit during the field trip? I remember saying that the house would be perfect for a CSI episode and being told to keep my voice down.

Why was the owner being interviewed in a small bed sandwiched between two women? Something was mentioned about one of the women. I try and remember but it's already gone.

That weird pub I found myself after I got lost. Red lights everywhere. Someone singing live. Singer and dancer looked like they were reenacting that scene with Salma in 'From Dusk till Dawn'. No snake? Would the next fantastical addition be fangs?

What's the disrupted forgotten toilet tale? It had something to do with a wronged woman...

Who was that guy?

My house keys were in my bag. I remember the relief of that. As if they would unlock the combination of this world.

It's been so long since I woke up remembering a dream. I've missed it. In case it will be a while longer, I write all of it down to prolong its life.

Why were men throwing those large rocks at people?

Where's my coffee?

It's gone now.

As if the last of my dream world stroked me goodbye, I feel its absence. Fully awake I feel like I lost something in there. It's a weird feeling.

Reality wins. I need the toilet.

Photo by Hadinet Tekie

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