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Embrace Yourself

I often think about labels. How we are surrounded by these limitations that we make for ourselves or are thrust upon us.

Wherever we go these labels follow us. In many occasions they're the complete opposite of what we're truly like inside. Yet, they linger.

As we grow the labels also increase. Like post it notes, they attach to you. They subconsciously shape many of us. Unrealistic expectations and unwanted dreams become your own. Many start to believe and identify themselves with those pushed views, ignoring their true self.

You can truly lose yourself in this constant labeling game. Forget what makes you smile and what lights up your heart.

It can become a daily struggle to fight against. Constantly reevaluating whether you've subconsciously given in to pressure. Feelings of guilt and worthlessness can appear. Doubts become constant companions. They multiply and repress your natural instincts.

It may seem easier to give in. To just let go and flow along. To smile when you should speak up. Those are the times I go on automatic.

All inside me fights against it.

My spirit digs its heels in. It prepares for a fight. It'll protect my wants and needs from the shadows.

I have learned to trust my instincts. Good or bad they're mine.

Living in a culture where I've always been told what's expected it is normal to feel part of me being chipped off. My outer shell has developed many cracks over time I'm at my most vulnerable when I am having a bad day.

That's when I let my instincts run free. I zone everything out and listen only to myself. My actions may seem impulsive but they're just a reaction to my final decision. Once I obtain my answer I don't wait for doubt to sink in.

I'm not saying all of my decisions are correct but they tend to not follow a particular pattern either.

Of course there's exceptions to this. Those exceptions I try and keep to a minimum.

I'd like to see this as a conscious decision to grow and with time slowly see myself, flaws included, rather than the reflection projected by others.

Labels restrict you. They limit your true potential. Close doors.

We're more than a brother, sister, father, mother, son or daughter. We are those things, but also so much more.

Don't forget to embrace your true self.

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