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Violet Rays

Outside I see a sleeping giant.

Almost surreal in its calmness and lack of sounds. Especially for a weekend.

Greys and pastels leak into concrete and wet. It's a time that reminds me of the saying 'calm before the storm'. It looks like I shouldn't be so relaxed but I am. My mind has created countless stories by just the mood I see and feel. I let my mind wander.

Outside looks muggy at times but that's freezing fog's attempt to entice me. Calling me out of my warmth.

Like an invisible siren singing a melodious silent song while searching for its targets.

My cat-like personality ignores the call. I curl deeper in my toasty corner.

Every so often a different siren is heard in the background. It slowly grows in volume in its urgency to some emergency. It jolts me back into our current reality.

I hope it's a minor incident. I imagine a distraught, scared family.

I wipe away the distressing thought. I replace it with an ambulance on its way back after checking on a simple incident call. It almost feels like my hopeful thought may come true if I add enough details. I have my own experiences of calling that number so details come naturally.

I look out the window once again. A solid light violet blanket spreads out.

I see warm rays, stroking my skin. Feel the sun and light dancing beyond my closed lids. I smell sea air, the saltiness invading my senses. Sprays of wet salt and sand kissing me in greeting. I hear the soft wind, caressing me into a slumber. Protecting me from heat and cradling me to sleep.

Again I wonder, if I put enough details will I see the sun?

Photo by Hadinet Tekie

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