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Whoever knew..

Whoever knew blowing a birthday candle could become a wish.

Whoever knew ordering a platter would be taboo.

Whoever knew silly romantic images of one drink two straws... would stay as just image.

Whoever knew money would not be the reason to stop you from using your passport.

Whoever knew sanitizers would be used more than hand creams.

Whoever knew working from home would not be limited to the few 'lucky' ones.

Whoever knew Zoom shares would be a golden opportunity.

Whoever knew this virus would awaken us.

Whoever knew gloves and masks would mean something so very different.

Whoever knew this would be the year of DIY.

Whoever knew it would be the beginning of televised atrocities layered into more televised atrocities.

Whoever knew creativity would breathe new air.

Whoever knew staying home would be the 'New Friday'.

Whoever knew ...

Photo by Hadinet Tekie

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